Non-monetary Donation Request Form

When to use this form:

  1. You have goods you want to donate to Share for use in our various programs, with the exception of Adopt an Angel.
  2. You have already donated goods to any of our programs and need a letter (receipt) for tax deductible donations.

When NOT to use this form:

  1. You would like to donate goods to our Christmas program; Adopt an Angel or Family (please use this link).
    Once you have completed your Adopt an Angel donation return to this form and fill it out for your tax receipt.
  2. You would like to donate funds. Funds may also be donated through Paypal here. Please remember when using Paypal we incur a processing fee of 2.7% on the donated amount.

Please remember that goods that are donated are based on the fair market value for tax purposes. More information on this is provided in the Donation Information > Instructions section. Please follow these instructions carefully.

Contact Information

Donation Information

Instructions: Up to 10 item sets are available per form. Each item set should contain only items that are valued at the same amount and are the same type of item, such as children's shirts. For each item set you will enter the number of items, the value per item, and a brief description of what is being donated.

Only items in good to like-new condition will be accepted. Please use fair market value when setting values for your items using good condition, off brand, up to, like-new condition, high-end brand to determine where in the range the items fall.

Example: Five children's shirts and three pairs of children's shoes from Wal-mart that have been worn for one season. For item set one enter qty of 5, a per item value of $2.00, because they are in good condition and a lower end brand, and a description of girl's shirts sizes 2T-3T. Now, click the add item set button to include the shoes. For qty enter 3. Let's assume the shoes are from a boutique and have only been worn on dressy occasions. Enter $8.75 for the per item value (don't include the $) because the items are in like-new condition and are a higher end brand name. Now enter the description including that they are shoes, what gender they are for and the size(s).

First Item Set